Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pavement Press Release

    I've been hanging onto some very exciting news for awhile now, but now it's actually come together as of last night. Thanks to Cory Kruseman I will be participating in some pavement events this season using his Beast pavement car with our Honda power plant. The car is now in our garage being sized up and fitted for a Honda 2.26 liter engine. This is the engine that is currently being run in our dirt car.
    I am so thankful and excited to have an opportunity on pavement. The only pavement I've ever driven has been with a dirt car. I was actually able to test a focus pavement car once at Turkey Night thanks to Mr. Frazin, but that's the extent of my pavement car experience.
    We plan to run some USAC Madera Shows with it this season, but we don't have a debut race date yet. It all depends on how quickly we can get it ready. Keep checking back in to see progress on it. I'm really looking forward getting out there with it!



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