Monday, May 28, 2012

4th at Ventura

5/26/12 Ventura Raceway VRA Race

    Happy Memorial Day everybody! This Memorial Day weekend was spent at Ventura Raceway where 11 midgets showed up to compete for the trophy. The car count is still very low, but fortunately the car quality is respectable. According to the top 9 cars were running 13.5's during the main. That made for some good close racing throughout the field.
    Before I get to the racing, I'd like to say thanks to our good friend Gordy Edwards. Thanks to him we were able to race this weekend. Our rig broke down and we had no way of getting to the track. Gordy came by the morning of the race. We loaded up everything onto his open trailer and headed to the track! It was a fun day.
    The heat race wasn't a good one. I started last because of my pill pick. The track was one-laned dusty-dry and tough to pass on. I only moved up to 4th by the checkers.
    This put me starting near last in the feature. I gained a few positions on the start and before I knew it was battling up towards the front with Prickett. He and I had a fun battle going on. We had a yellow with only a few laps to go, and I was sitting in 3rd spot. Under yellow the RR bleeder let the tire go down a little too far. When we went back to green I tossed the front end once and the 15 of Prickett got back by me. I ended up 4th.
    It was a fun race, we just need to have some better luck on starting spots. It seems like we can never start near the front at that place. I'm uploading my on board video of the race to the link below. Just copy and paste it to your browser to watch it. Thanks to EgoTactics, we use two cameras for a front and back picture and picture shot. It's a fun race to watch.
    I'd like to thank Lucas Oil, Goodwine Glass, Honda Racing, PBH Indy, Crower Performance, One Day Signs, Ego Tactics, K&N Filters, and Oakley for their support. And I'm looking forward to share some new engine news in the near future thanks to HPD and Honda Racing, as well as PBH Indy and Crower Performance.
    We are working hard on the pavement car now, stay tuned for updates.

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