Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jake Wins at Ventura in Moose Racing's 360 Sprint Debut!

Written by Laurie Sertich

Really, you want The Moose Rig at the track at what time? And, the pit gate doesn't open until 12? Really, you are kidding us!! WIth the length of the Moose Rig, and pit space being so limited, it was requested that we arrive about 8 am being the first rig in line ensuring easier access to pit parking. The alarm clock blared at 4:45 and the rig with birthday boy, Jim, Tom & Laurie was on the road
by 6. A traffic free highway let the rig travel up the coast without hassle and arrived at Ventura Speedway in record time of 1 hour, 35 minutes!! WIth hours to wait prior to pit parking Tom was able to catch a few zzzz's and there was also a bit of bench racing with many of other early arrivals.

This night was the debut for the Moose Racing 360 car. Recently, a good friend of TeamMoose purchased a 360 which would enable the team to run more races then just the lkimted schedule of the USAC/CRA 410 series. With the engine addition of the 360, tom pulled out one of the previous chassis, Buckley #1...and deamed it to be the 360 car. As weights, engine power etc varies from the 410 tot he 360, last night was to be a night of learning - no expectations - just get a handle on what the car liked and didn't like.
USAC/West Coast 360's versus the VRA regulars - and the format here is no qualifying. You pull a pill that will basically tell you where what heat race and what position you will start in. From there it's all about passing points. SO, starting 6th in the 1st heat, Jake had the potential of gaining quite a bit of points. Finishing 2nd gave him 113 points!! After 3 Heat races, it was Jake in the Moosemobile that found him high point man of the night!! That's all good and dandy, bu that also means that when the top 6 are inverted for the Main, Jake would start outside row 3, in 6th. With stellar drivers in front of him, and ones that have ouddles of 360 experience, Jake paced himself for the first 1/2 of the 30 lap Main. A yellow flag coming out with 5 laps to go, Jake was running 4th.... and us in the stands could just see his calculating mind going to work -- and it worked out just as he planned. Taking to the high side of the track, Jake was able to make some stellar moves and parked the 92 Moosemoble in Victory Circle!!!!
As the Moose Crew rushed to the track, it was all of 6'1" Jake balancing a top the cage of the Moosemobile in celebration!!!
What an incredible night - JC was there to watch his recently purchased engine perform flawlessly...George- Ram/Bull Racing had made a last minute decision to drive to Ventura from Vegas to be on hand, Phil & Eileen King ( the Moose's biggest fans and sponsor ) probably have no voices left after cheering Jake on and of coarse The Moose Crew : Dave, Jim, Jimmy, & Chris!! Jessica, Jake's girlfriend, Rich & Nicole were also there lending helping hands. Missing in action was Don & Tammy, David and Tom "Gunk" . wish they all could of been there to share in the excitement.
To the companies that support Moose Racing, this should make you all proud: Huntington Beach Glass & Mirror, Ram-Bull Racing, Phi & Eileen King, Circle Track, RC Performance, JC, ARS Shocks, Keizer Wheels, Specialized Powder Coatings, Freeway Auto Supply,Lucas Oil,K & N, Rod End Supply,CRC, Trackside Racing, Saldana Products.
Great photos from Sprint Car Scotty & Chris. More photos and story to follow late Sunday at!!!

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