Monday, September 30, 2013


   Our last race was a good run though the field at Placerville Speedway finishing 5th. After that we went back up to Norcal on June 15th for Petaluma. This place was a real wet and sticky racetrack. I finished 5th again that night. It was a bit of a struggle for us because we didn't quite have the rough setup down yet and were far too tight.
    It was after this race that we got some help from Advanced Racing Suspensions and Eibach springs to get some fresh suspension under the car. The new gear worked great for us at the following Norcal race in Plaza Park on June 29th. It was a tiny little micro track that proved to be a challenge for us all. The track was sticky and rough on one end and dead dry on the other. We ended up finishing 5th again.
    Another top 5 run was good, but not good enough. We went through the car and changed some minor things around trying to get the car to drive more evenly off the rear tires and go through the corner in a more settled down manner. It worked. The next place we raced at was July 12th at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville. We set a new track record in qualifying and finished a solid 3rd on a RR tire that was going flat the last 10 laps. That night made us feel very good about ourselves. It had seemed as though we had got the Edmunds Autoreasearch car dialed in.
    The next race was on July 20th at Ventura. We had a bad heat race which mired us way back in the field at the start of the feature. It was a hard fought battle but I was able to move the Van Dyne Chevy to the 4th spot at the checkers.
    It was back to Ventura again July 31st for the Ventura County Fair race. This race is always a packed house and it's nice to see the Ventura stands filled with so many people. I started in the 7th spot behind Kruseman. He and I muscled our way to the front and we duked it out for the win but ending up 2nd. Watch it all here:
    After this race, it was time for an engine refresh. Tres, Stew and I spent the month we had off at the shop not only rebuilding the motor, but also going through the whole car from head to toe in preparation for the week of racing (4 races) we would have from Aug. 31st through Sept. 7th.

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