Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chili Bowlin' 2012

    Swanson Motorsports competed in our first ever Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Midget Nationals this year, it was quite an adventure to say the least.
    Monday night practice went very smoothly, and the whole team was very excited and eager to race on Friday.
    However, Friday didn't go so well. An issue occured with a bad timing pick-up sensor which caused the engine to bounce between 2&4 cylinders inconsistently. Unfortunately, the problem made the car very difficult to drive, and Jake ended up climbing the inside berm and flipping down the back straight. Luckily, Jake walked away with only a concussion.
    Thanks to the whole crew, and some very generous help from fellow racers, Jake was able to get back out for Saturday. The team had their work  cut out for them though, Jake would have to start in the very last main, the K main.
    In order to transfer through a main, you must finish in the top 4. From there, you must start at the tail of the next main. Jake was able to transfer through 2 mains, in the 3rd main (the I main) he missed by just a nose, and that was the end of it.
    "It was a thrill to try to come from the very back, and see how far we could get in such a prestigious event. It's just too bad we had such bad luck on Friday," says Jake. The team ended up recieving the 2nd Place Hard Charger Award for passing the 2nd most cars out of everyone at the event.
    "I would like to thank all of my sponsors for their support and making this event happen for us; Lucas Oil, Goodwine Glass, Honda Racing, PBH Indy, CP Crower Performance, One Day Signs, Ego Tactics, K&N, Oakley, and JDR Graphics. A special thanks to Ty Hindman, Alex Frazin, Skeet Bushor, and Shannon McQueen Racing for their help. I sure hope we can do it again next year with all the knowlege we have now,we will be strong."

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